Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Oh boy.  Where to start?
My husband and I have moved from out charming little apartment in Smalltown Illinois to a rather larger suburb of Chicago.  Into our own house.  Let me just reiterate that for momentum: Our. Own. House.  Yikes.
About three months ago we also learned that we are expecting to welcome our first child into the world on September 29th of this year.
Talk about big changes!  As such, I think I might create another blog that deals with more of the specifics of my evolving state of life.  I would still maintain this blog as a sort of sounding board, but it would be mostly more personal, interpersonal, holistic, and mental issues discussed.  (In other words: a giant ego party - it's all about meee!!!)  The new blog would deal with the new challenges of motherhood, home-ownership, natural living, and family life.  Two facets of the whole: inner and outter.
If I do decide to do this, I'll add a note down below with the new blog title, address, etc. for you to visit and keep in touch.
'Till next time, I'll catch you on the flip side.

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